Adam duritz and emmy rossum dating

Put it another way: if you don’t really have the acting skills and you don’t really have the , so I’m not unfamiliar with Emmy’s latest role.

I don’t want to know it and I don’t want to smell it. I just kicked the garbage can half way across the studio floor.“I know this to be true.” Among the celebrity weeklies' many scientific contributions, none is more entertaining than the "body language expert" who can divine deep interpersonal details from one single photograph.Let's apply this rigorous method to New York City's romantic royalty.• In what may be the weirdest celebrity extortion attempt ever, a German male model named Edis Kayalar has been arrested for trying to blackmail Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber with a "sexy" photo of the couple's then 7-year-old daughter "in revealing clothing, bound to a chair and gagged." Apparently, the pic had been taking by the girl's former babysitter during an innocent game of cops and robbers and she used to date Kayalar.[People] • All those phone calls that Michael Lohan recorded may ultimately land him in jail (again).

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