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New Zealanders throw away 541 million straws in a year, with Sustainable Coastlines reporting they are one of the most common items collected during beach clean-ups.One-use plastic straws are usually made from materials like polypropylene and polystyrene, which can take hundreds of years to degrade.This is the first ever Ranfurly Shield side, the Shield presented to Auckland after an unbeaten season in which they defeated Canterbury Wellington & Taranaki.The photo is mounted on a printed card surround bearing players names and the record for the season.Some Auckland food outlets are also following suit, with some using stainless steel straws.Auckland Council's waste solutions general manager Parul​ Sood​ said it would be interested in looking at how to implement a straw trial like the one in Wellington.

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A team photograph by Louden of Hamilton of the South Auckland team.

A handful of New Plymouth bars and restaurants are also taking a stand against plastic straws, and fast food restaurant Nando's has removed straws from all of its New Zealand restaurants.

In December, Hospitality New Zealand spokeswoman Racheal Shadbolt said the move away from plastic straws was gaining momentum.

Signatures are legible and the names read as follows - Rayner, Rayner, Sherran, Rayner, Paki, Farrar, Hodgson, Gainsford, Rayner, Peckham, Thuran, Melrose, Marlock, Miillard one other.

(total size 33cm x 22cm) NZ Harlequins Grand Sportsmen's Dinner, 25th July 1962, incorporating a presentation to Snow White and Ian Clarke.

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