Who is matt drudge dating

I have also defended him many a time to people who would have had him censored. Certainly not the kind of details he’d splash across his page, anyway.Unless it’s a rumor he tried to start about himself and Laura Ingraham.

Bush hasn’t asked for legalized termination of homosexuals. He recently asked on his “Daily Dish” Web site (could he have picked a gayer name?

He even reportedly asked the New Times that no full body photos accompany that interview.

That is either one of the gayest things I’ve ever heard or one of the craziest.

: N/A Drudge Report was started as an email letter sent to few selected friends and was later on circulated as a newsletter. Matt draws a yearly salary of around million dollars through his news feed.

After some time it transformed from an email to the Internet world. He also makes public appearances and endorsements through which he earns a yearly amount of around million dollars.

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