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'She told me that her and David had met a man online from Huntsville, Alabama.

And they were on their way there to meet him and that she was going to sleep with him.

Robinette also grew emotional in the interview as she detailed how she and her sister were sexually abused by the same 'close family member'.

Robinette would not identify the family member, but said it was someone 'we should have loved and trusted' and who abused their mother as well.

'I hope that when they come out from where they're at now, our hope is that they're all - they can lead some sort of normal or happy existence.'Obviously, they've never known happy, except maybe the older ones for a little while.

My main hope is that I can put an arm around them and tell them that they have family that loves them, that's not deranged.

The couple was caught and returned to their hometown to wed.

Above they are seen in their wedding photo in Princeton, West Virginia in 1984Around 2009 or 2010, she says she got one of these calls from her sister.

Louise and David Turpin are pictured with their children at a vow renewal - one of the few times the kids were let out Louise eloped with David Turpin after he signed her out of school and drove them to Texas when she was 16.For example, Robinette says her sister called her the first time they went to a bar and got drunk.But things quickly escalated and Robinette began to find the couple's behavior disturbing.(1819 – 1892) American poet Whitman was born on a Long Island (New York) farm to a typically heterosexual family.His father drank too much; his mother suffered; and his eight siblings did poorly except for two brothers.

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