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When Messenger and the All Golds returned from Great Britain in 1908, they helped the new clubs adapt to the rules of rugby league prior to the inaugural 1908 NSWRFL season.The Queensland Rugby Football League also formed early in 1908 by seven rugby players who were dissatisfied with the administration of the Queensland Rugby Union.Gambling was part of sport from the time horse racing became an established sport in the colony.The first Australian cricket team to go on tour internationally did so in 1868.

Controversy resulted and Darcy died at the age of 21 in the United States.The government has anti-siphoning laws to protect free-to-air stations.Beyond televising live events, there are many sport-related television and radio programs, as well as several magazine publications dedicated to sport.There are a number of professional sport leagues in Australia, including the National Rugby League (NRL) (rugby league), the Australian Football League (AFL) and AFL Women's (Australian rules football), the Big Bash League (BBL) and Sheffield Shield (cricket), the National Basketball League and the Women's National Basketball League, the A-League and the W-League (soccer), the Australian Baseball League, Super Rugby and the National Rugby Championship (rugby union), Suncorp Super Netball and the Supercars Championship (touring car racing).Attendance for the A-League, AFL and NRL over the course of a single season tops six million.

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    ” LOTI – Laughing on the inside LOTR – Lord of The Rings () LQTM – Laughing quietly to myself LSHMBH – Laugh so hard my belly hurts LSV – Language, sex and violence LTD – Living the dream LTNS – Long time no see LTOD – Laptop of death LTS – Laughing to self LULT – Love you long time LULZ – Slang for LUS – The girl is lose or not playing it safe sexually () LVM – Left voice mail LWOS – Laughing without smiling LY – Love ya LYLAS – Love you like crazy LYLC – Love you like a sis LYSM – Love you so much LYLAS – Love you like crazy LYLC – Love you like a sis LYSM – Love you so much M8 – Mate MC – Merry Christmas MEGO – My eyes glaze over MEH – Meaning a “shrug” or shrugging shoulders MEHH – Meaning a “sigh” or sighing MFI – Mad for it MGB – May God bless MIRL – Meet in real life MKAY – Meaning “Mmm, okay” MLM – Meaning give the middle finger MM – Sister () NIFOC – Naked in front of computer NIGI – Now I get it NIMBY – Not in my back yard NIROK – Not in reach of keyboard NLT – No later than NM – Nothing much / Never mind NMH – Not much here NMU – Not much, you? RX – Regards RX – Meaning drugs or prescriptions RYB – Read your Bible RYS – Read your screen RYS – Are you single? SUX – Meanings sucks or “it sucks” SWAK – Sent (or sealed) with a kiss SWALK – Sealed (or sealed) with a loving kiss SWAT – Special Weapons and Tactical Team ( T – Think positive T4BU – Thanks for being you T:)T – Think happy thoughts TA – Thanks a lot TAFN – That’s all for now TANK – Meaning really strong TANKED – Meaning “owned” TANKING – Meaning “owning” TAM – Tomorrow a.m.