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Like your wife, mine didn't want to talk about it. I have actually told my husband to just ''slip it in'' if im asleep and he really needs some..

If I were you, I'd sit your wife down and bluntly tell her "if we don't start working on this problem, it will break our marriage up. Some times we think were not in the mood till the opportunity presents itself....

I asked if she's against the idea of sex, she says no... Now, as a manly man - who also watches Dr Phil and writes on Essential Baby (sheeesh..

Could she have a medical issue left over from the birth or possibly suffering depression.

I wouldn't prod her too much but definitely tell her this needs addressing on a few levels (sexually, the relationship itself and possibly the birth). She needs to know that you are in for the long haul and you want to have a healthy and fun relationship (like you probably had before the kid). I don't think she ever understood how much hurt this caused me.

I dont give a hoot wether it was a joke or not Ange. There are women on these boards who have experienced stuff like this, and it has caused them trauma. She said one thing that held her back from being affectionate was she didn't want to "lead me on". Thats like saying I'm not going to let this drowning man have one breath of air, because then he'll just want more.

Fellas Im feeling some sense of relief after reading your work.. Let her have a good sleep etc , breakfast in bed, snuggles and hopefully sex.

In fact, I would have kicked you to the kerb by now. I've had wicked thoughts about my husband too, but thoughts are not illegal. Lighten up, or don't read the MEN' S section. He (if what he is saying is true) is merely venting his frustrations... I'd say we all go through stages where our sex lives are lacking but 2 years is crazy and unfair. I understand not having sex during hectic periods, the early days but seriously it's not that hard to do it once or twice a week. Calling anyone an 'idiot' is against forum guidelines and it is unfair for you girls to gang up on a new member. My first thought was that she may have had a traumatic birth and be feeling depressed/shocked/physically traumatised.

If she does, then she can easily seek treatment via a naturopath or even just try some of the over counter stuff from the chemist.

After the comment about "slipping it in" I dont think I want to give you any advice.

And the only way this is going to be resolved is to initially start talking about it.

She needs to want for it to change if you are going to get anywhere.

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