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Titles include "Asiko", "Get Together", "Black Voices", and "The Same Blood".

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The style here is a real change both from some of his more ambitious and more experimental works of late – and the album mostly features small combo backing, set up alongside Veloso's vocals in styles that are slightly punky, slightly arty – in a way that reminds us a fair bit of work from the hippest side of the New York scene in the early 80s.

A seminal set that really put Tony Allen back on top – a record that showed that Allen was way more than just Fela's drummer, or another Afro Funk artist in general – but instead a really free-thinking, deep-concept musician overall!

The album comes from key time that Allen spent on the Paris scene in the 90s – really refining a new sound, while keeping all the best bits from before – creating this new sort of darker groove that almost mixes older percussion with kind of a spacey style that's echoes proggish funk from a range of groups from Can to Cymande!

There's loads of cool keyboards and tight guitar lines, and even the vocals have some spacey production that makes them fit nicely with the grooves.

Titles include "Asiko", "Get Together", "Black Voices", and "The Same Blood", and remixes of "Asiko" and "Black Voices".

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