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So whether you text a lot or not, we’re always attracted to that. Thinking ‘why did he say it like that’ and the inevitable analyzing is usually not going to end well.True communication should be done face to face or a phone call so you can hear how someone says something or their expressions when they say it.So save yourself the headache of over-analysis and just go out there and talk to people in the flesh! Guys text their friends all the time, guys and girls, and are communicative with girls they like.” –Max, 26, New York “Women assume that guys are naturally very short through text and they’ll assume rudeness/late replying/etc. The longer and more frequent the texts, the better, regardless of the actual content.

Maybe he was just really preoccupied and didn’t have a chance to reach out.Try not to analyze or read into how something was said and focus on what was said.Sometimes there is an alternate meaning to what is said, but with guys it isn’t far from the surface (trust me).You might even send what you intend to respond with to your friends, too – just so you have a second opinion.It’s okay – but before you waste energy or spend anymore time with your i Phone, real dudes dish on what they’re really thinking when they send (or don’t send) those text messages. I have a work thing until late tonight, but would you want to get drinks near my place at 10 p.m.? What men mean: “I’m not saying I just want to see you when I’m drunk and close to home, but I’m not NOT saying I just want to see you when I’m drunk and close to home.” – Max, 26, New York “If it was just drinks out after the work thing, I’d say he is sincere.

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