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I believe that if you look quickly, you can catch a glimpse of her walking into an office building in the 1959 girls-in-the-big-bad-city melodrama, ), Miss Patchett didn’t go onto a film career. The images of Bettie and Jean are from various blogs and sites.

But with her evocative photos, maybe that just would have been superfluous. It’s more memorable than the entire movie with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, which I desperately wanted to be great because Richard Yates’ novel of 1950s suburban life is one of my very favorite books. A quick look at Google Image Search will find you many sources for both of these lovely ladies.

Sometimes I think I read too much noir fiction for my own good.

It’s grim, focusing on the baser aspects of human nature.

Her desire to be adored, to be worshipped for what she is not, is pathetic but all too human.

And in the end, in one of those great ironic twists, she manages to get what she wants even as she loses everything.

And Harry Whittington truly practiced what he preached!

on June 4, 2009 at pm Comments (4) Tags: "I Remember It Well", Black Lizard Books, Fires That Destroy, Flickr, Gold Medal Books, Harry Whittington, Pulp Originals, The Devil Wears Wings, Vengeful Sinner I read in the paper recently that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York had its yearly Costume Institute gala to kick off a new exhibition, “The Model as Muse.” Looking at the photos of some of today’s female celebrities at that party, I yearned for those muses of yesteryear…

I just love to read good writing…or maybe I specifically like to read It’s the story of a lonely, homely woman named Bernice Harper who wants to be treated like the beautiful women she sees in the office where she works, the women who get the promotions, the attention, the fawning of handsome males mostly because they know how to use their looks and flirtation skills to get ahead.She retired from modeling in 1963 to take care of her children. Because what I detect in her pictures is a sense of humor.Louis called her “Pancho”—the nickname evolving from from Patchett t0 Patcho to Pancho. “Nobody could possibly be so haughty, but I’ll give it a try,” she seems to be saying as she perfects, in photo after photo, the steely gaze of a certain archetype of 50s femme. —————– I got the shot of Madonna here, and the picture of Rihanna here.And I want the rest of the world to get drunk on her, too. If I had to be stranded on a desert island just with photos to keep me company, it would be a touch choice: Jean Patchett’s, or Bettie Page’s? Auer, a young banker her own age who was living at the Yale Club and who sounds as if he were a character out of a John O’Hara novel.I need them both…I love Bettie’s curves and vivaciousness, but I also worship Jean’s hauteur tinged with humor. Even though she was a regular at the Stork Club, they had their first date at a luncheonette. At the apex of her career, she made ,000 a year—very good money in the 1950s.

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