Vampire dating sites

Vampires exist in many different cultures under many different names. Gods, demons, and evil spirits were often associated with drinking blood or eating human flesh.Ancient Times (Pre 500 AD) The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet is one of the earliest known accounts of vampirism.

The Persians may have been the first to tell tales of these demons. She appeared as a seductive woman who drank the blood of men. There are numerous contradictory stories of Lilith. In others Lilith is a demon of the night that lives by drinking the blood of babies. She was a blood-drinking demon who transformed into a young woman and seduced men.Our goal is to catalog everything there is to be cataloged about vampires.This is an immense task and we have a long way to go.Across Slavic culture, the upir is traditionally an unclean spirit that possesses a dead body.This undead creature requires the blood of the living to survive.

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