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The closest I can find is Latvia, which has about a 10 year gap, and Lithuania which has about an 11 year gap, all bordering Russia.Vietnam is pretty close too with an 8 year gap, but still, nothing with as vast of a difference between male and female life expectancy as Russia.But instead, she says, he sent her to a Moscow brothel. I cannot do any other job." She added, "It made me feel very bad.He told her "the kind of job I'm going to be doing is prostitution." "I ask him, 'Why prostitution? I felt that I'm not going to do it over my dead body." But when she tried to run away, her uncle cut her face, says Christine, who asked that her last name not be used."Secondly, we still don't have a basic law that defines victims' rights. organization, the International Organization for Migration, recently opened a treatment and rehabilitation center to cope with the large numbers of sexually exploited and trafficked women who come for help.At the moment, it's mostly aid agencies that deal with it." Aid agencies say they are handling a growing number of deeply traumatized victims rescued from brothels and pimps in the Moscow area. At this center, Christine, a 27-year-old Nigerian woman, tells how she acquired a painful 4-inch scar across her right cheek.

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There are no exact figures, but aid agencies estimate that thousands of trafficked women are on Moscow's streets. "But right now, we see that Russia has become a destination country also." According to the group's Web site, human traffickers "prey on the dreams of impoverished women seeking employment and opportunities for the future." Most women are young and single with little education; some are orphans and college students; others are married with children.

Customers light up the lines with their car headlights and are asked to pay between 0 and 0 for a woman.

Aid workers for groups fighting for women's rights say Moscow is witnessing a surge in prostitution, including forced prostitution, as a result of Russia's booming economy.

Feticide would not factor into life expectancy at all, because it usually happens with undocumented home births in developing countries.

Here are all countries’ percentiles by male life expectancy: Russia fits in with the developed world in female life expectancy, but not in male life expectancy.

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