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The original railway building of 1843 was replaced by the current building designed by D. Old very traditional Dutch building façades have been not so subtly incorporated into very new building forms.It’s a very odd mix of old and new architecture fused together and most people probably assume that the architect just sketched in some Dutch traditional character features into their fake frontages.The foundations of the house in Delft date from the 13th century but the original building was destroyed and then rebuilt after a city fire in 1536, added to in 1760 when it was used as retail storage space, complete with “hijsbalk” (cantilever or lifting beam) as explained in one of my earlier blog posts.By chance I happen to have a photo of (part of) the original building in Delft in my photo archive to show you as well. (Dutch language text) (Dutch language text ) (Dutch language text) language text) https://kiwidutch.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/new-327/ “When the Stairs are too Narrow, the Dutch just Open a Window…” The Nickelson building in the photo below is a replica of Noordeinde 6 (which still stands as a commercial premises) but was formerly a store-house from 1901 built in a Viennese Secession and Gothic inspired style.The next photos show a replica of the Denneweg 56: a former showroom in 1898 of the foundry E.

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Wikipedia and the Raad van State website tell me: After World War II Dutch war criminals were tried in the great hall, some of whom were sentenced to death.

It was opened in 1843, when the Amsterdam–Haarlem railway, the oldest railway line in the country, was extended to The Hague. It’s basically a small and almost enclosed “Plein” (square) or courtyard reached by narrow pedestrian streets or shopping arcades.

This railway station was demolished in 1973, to make way for the Den Haag Centraal railway station. So, we have shopping streets and arcades of shops leading to a square that contains more shops: ok, nothing dramatic or out of the ordinary so far.

To my shame, even after living here so long I knew nothing about it so turned to Wikipedia who said: One of our friends said that you can do a small tour/ learn about it and climb up it, another neighbour said you used to be able to do so but can’t any more, but wasn’t entirely certain if that was a temporary thing because of renovations.

Since I’m not in good enough walking mode to tackle tower climbing any time soon, I will put off investigating this further until I can, and will update this post accordingly.

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