Dating for book lovers

If you love books, and have a love life, then you can relate to these 13 experiences only book-lovers have when dating: Even though your last real-life break up was more than a year ago, you're still reeling from the death of your favorite character or the break up of your favorite couple in your current read.

How can you even think about dating when your book has sucked all the hope from your life?

Book-lovers are the kind of people you aren't embarrassed to bring home to meet your mother on Sunday dinner. But if you are a bibliophile yourself, there are certain experiences you know all book-lovers have when dating.

I'm a book nerd, and I'd be lying if I said dating was always easy.

Try as you might to keep your comparative literature tendencies to the margins of your book, you can't help but make mental notes about your date's character so you can over-analyze him later.Most single people struggle with meeting new people, experiencing awkward first dates, and messy break ups...but bookworms have to deal with a whole other list of complications.You didn't mean to call out your literary-lover's name in the moment of passion, but you were reading right before you went out, and can you really be blamed for having books on the mind at all time?The candlelight, the wine, the decadent dessert, none of it matters if unless your date understands what made the waiter so Salinger-esque.

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