Stop dating violence

Among the powerhouse moves: • A girl should throw out her hand in a "stop" sign and say "No. If the person is threatening her or moving toward her, she should say it again firmly and calmly, but loudly, while creating distance. • If someone bothers a girl while she's reading a book at school or on a bus, silence is the best response.

She should just slam the book shut and move to a different seat.

Youths who experience it are more likely to be anxious or depressed, to smoke and drink and experiment with drugs.Shame, guilt, even threats of retaliation may be used.Some dating abuse is digital, such as circulating pictures that were supposed to be private, stalking on social media, making abusive posts or trying to control other relationships, she said.Cameka Crawford, chief communications officer, said that runs the gamut from sexual coercion — verbal or emotional — to physical abuse.A date may consider sex a fair exchange for the cost of dinner or be angry or sad in order to get their date to comply.

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