Mirdating bizobs

What I did is wrote two simple console applications: one which uses storage client library version 1.7 and the other which uses version 2.0 and in those two applications I demonstrated some simple functionality.

Since version 2.0 library is significantly different than the previous ones, before you decide to upgrade your code to make use of this version I strongly urge you to read up the following blog posts by the storage team as there’re many breaking changes.

If you’re using the following code with version 1.7 to create a blob container: Cloud Storage Account storage Account = new Cloud Storage Account(new Storage Credentials Account And Key(account Name, account Key), true); Cloud Blob Client cloud Blob Client = storage Account.

Create Cloud Blob Client(); Cloud Blob Container container = cloud Blob Client.

Storage Point shrinks SQL databases in Share Point up to 98% by moving BLOBs outside those databases to storage of your choosing. All this makes end users unhappy, and end users make you unhappy. You can move BLOBs out of SQL server to a better place. It means storing BLOBs in a more appropriate location than SQL server.

This enables Share Point content databases to remain lean, efficient and high performing. Unstructured, they are technically referred to as binary large objects, or BLOBs. When BLOBs are in SQL server, Share Point performance suffers. Adding more databases and hardware gets too expensive. Share Point still manages the content, which is good for you.

Like the previous posts, I will attempt to provide some code sample through which I will try and demonstrate how you can do some common tasks when working with Azure Blob Storage.

Blob Request Options object allows you to control the retry policies (to take care of transient errors) and some of the server side behavior like request timeout.

Operation Context provides the context for a request to the storage service and provides additional runtime information about its execution.

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