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TID 7008507 - Setting "Hide the Z icon in the taskbar" does not hide the icon TID 7008509 - Z-Icon disappears TID 7008587 - "Enter the printer name in a valid format" when trying to create Printer Policy for HTTP printer that uses CUPSTID 7008603 - Discovery task fails on domain root container TID 7008636 - zman isn TID 7008738 - ZCM 10.3.3 i Print policies fail on Windows 7 devices TID 7008796 - Alignment issues when restoring images to Advanced Format/SSD drives TID 7008853 - Unable to modify satellite Replication tab of bundles TID 7008943 - In ZENworks 11 Linux content satellites need Primary to be in Closest Server Locations for content TID 7008948 - MST fails to install TID 7008954 - System Update immediately becomes baselined when imported TID 7008955 - ZAM Compliance Engine does not consider expired licenses TID 7008980 - System Requirement Checks unable to Detect User Space Variables in ZCM 10.3.3TID 7008997 - Novell-pbservd crashes when an invalid server Referral is listed TID 7009006 - ZRS fails to run scheduled reports with error 'cannot rexec cp'TID 7009040 - No results for Manufacturer search on network devices TID 7009060 - Agent refresh loops infinitely while downloading TID 7009074 - Agent login fails if Server list not populated with FQDN of primary TID 7009078 - ZCM 11 Inventory only agent for Net Ware installs same OID on every server.

TID 7009081 - Since May imaging update, some Real Tek NICs won't load for PXE boot TID 7009087 - Bundles randomly disappear after ZCM 11.1 update TID 7009099 - Orphaned Zencache filling up workstation cache folder TID 7009114 - Unable to install ZCM 11 agent using SLES 11 ZENworks_Agent_All pattern TID 7009158 - IE8 unsupported error after updating to ZCM 11 Support Pack 1 (11.1)TID 7009161 - Right Click Z Icon reports "Service is not running"TID 7009163 - ZAM 11.0 Display of extended (Swedish) characters is incorrect in Contract environment TID 7009174 - ZCM 11 SP1 - Launching Bundle from the Start Menu requires "Right Click and Open" for Windows XPTID 7009191 - Auto upgrade of Admin Studio 10 to 10 SP1 fails when ZEN Migration Utility is also installed/present in the same box/machine.

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She also is the cohost of the "Windows Weekly" podcast on the TWi T network. Send her an email with your rants, rumors, tips and tattles. CMD may fail where lines of script must run line-by-line TID 7012871 - Passive login fails after changing from one User Source to another if passwords do not match TID 7012873 - YUM Repository fails, error: Found a invalid/corrupt package TID 7012874 - Unable to filter device search of Windows 2008 in ZCCTID 7012876 - Bundle Verify prompts for reboot and continues to Launch actions before reboot occurs TID 7012916 - ZCM Bundle Settings are imported to 'Published' version rather than 'Sandbox' version TID 7012918 - Loss of functionality in Purchase Record list TID 7013024 - ZAM 11 Using Autofill to extract registry key values not working Bug 674882 Environment Variable list in Bundle does not allow large list Bug 680541 ZCM 11 Environment variable in system req for PATH are Case Sensitive causing it to fail.Bug 696334 Configuration file for puppet contains invalid path Bug 555955 ZISD data on USB drives Bug 668304 Unable to query based on Device Name Bug 657419 Automatic login does not work when the VDI client is installed Bug 671215 ZCC Deployment shows Sqlite Exception)Bug 686794 Setting imaging role using zman commands disables content and replication roles for the satellite Bug 690971 get Zone Configuration taking over 1min to complete, causing high utilisation on the primary server Bug 720413 PRU merge stuck at 10%Bug 727437 Zenworks Windows high memory utilization on Terminal Server (memory leak)Bug 691814 Retiring a device does not remove lost status Bug 698718 Not able to move update stages Bug 698978 PXE Bootstrap program needs to always exit Bug 705220 ZCC does not sort on user containers Bug 708957 Printer Policy time-out not getting effective Bug 712257 Error handling needs to be added to zac rsc command Bug 738292 Not all packages update from ZCM YUM repo Bug 702263 Verify actions are created on bundle import Bug 738438 zypper output inconsistent when ZCM YUM repository is used Bug 738440 zypper against ZCM YUM repository shows (System Packages) as repository source Bug 623725 not correctly reflecting list of Collection Servers Bug 696203 Proxy Username Entry Field for User Source Authentication limited to 64 characters Bug 696404 Remote Managment lacks the ability to store "more options" as a configuration or policy Bug 706114 Zac reg does not update proper keys on 64 bit.Patch Analyze Reporting Service reports Null Pointer Exceptions TID 7009687 - High Utilization seen on virtual devices TID 7009894 - ZCM Quirky language strings seen in ZCC, like Reports, Discovery and Deployment, and Agent download.TID restore - Unable to restore an image to a device with two hard drives TID 7010364 - Users do not get ZCC admins rights when added to an imported AD group TID 7002946 - Days of the week ZCM inventory schedule being ignored TID 7010363 - ZCM primary failing during restore process TID 7007600 - After enforcement, force a re-login on the managed device, if necessary TID 7009240 - Percent sign % in file name breaks bundles that use system variables TID 7010399 - Unable to delete environment variables TID 7010412 - PRU not updating all devices TID 7010414 - DLU Volatile profile not being removed on logout TID 7010415 - After upgrade, reboot prompt comes up in the background TID 7010416 - Data is not imported into ADF fields from an LDAP Import task TID 7010417 - LDAP Import task fails because Primary User OID is null TID 7010418 - Slash character / is not allowed in Catalog License product version TID 7010420 - RM settings in the session do not persist after restart of the session TID 7010421 - ZCM agent does not update properly TID 7010473 - Administrator group refresh fails with Null Pointer Exception TID 7010556 - ZPM Ability to allow remote administrators the rights to patch their own devices in their context TID 7010623 - zac ark fails if duplicate device in ZCCTID 7010626 - Location awareness not allowing Satellite Authentication TID 7010629 - ZCM bundle Icon Properties, shows GUID but not bundle name TID 7010645 - Error "Bundle is not in availability schedule" when verifying failed bundle TID 7010646 - Extended characters are corrupt in Inventory reports exported to CSV file TID 7003148 - Log Collection Server URL shows unknown TID 7010754 - Custom deployment packages get rebuilt without the DNS name TID 7010755 - Errors when promoting multiple devices to be satellites with the Authentication role TID 7003174 - Remote control warning when shutting down Windows 7 devices.

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