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Amazingly, this article has already been viewed over 260,000 times! Of course the Microsoft documentation in this area is weak at present, and UPS is what you could call a “rough edge” of Share Point 2010. Furthermore the amount of time I spend helping others with UPS related problems as a result has inspired this follow up article which will cover the most common issues people experience.

Back about a week after RTM of Share Point 2010 I published my Rational Guide to implementing Share Point Server 2010 User Profile Synchronization.The table in this section lists the main Windows Defender AV event IDs and, where possible, provides suggested solutions to fix or resolve the error.To view a Windows Defender AV event The Windows Defender client encountered an error, and the current scan has stopped. This event record includes the scan ID, type of scan (antivirus, antispyware, antimalware), scan parameters, the user that started the scan, the error code, and a description of the error.Prerequisites for this task: -USB Key -Program to make it bootable -Firmware file Doing a Google search for software that create a DOS bootable USB key will show you hundreds of programs that will get the task done.The problem is – which one should you use that won’t load your system with tones of shovelware!

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