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A young guy from Australia told me his story so this is about him. ----- Slave To My Young Brothers Chapter 2 ----- After being totally humiliated and degraded by my two young brothers I really didn't want to go to the house for dinner. Hell, my dick is bigger and I have two huge balls and more hair." I just wanted to crawl under the table.

But I no longer have any choices, my brothers completely control me and tell me what to do. I thought I was wearing rags and wished I could wear my clothes and feel normal again. Mom on one end, Jeff of the other, Aiden and me on one side with Justin across from us. Jeff told the boys to be thankful that they have his genes and not my fathers genes. I guess I'm more like her, very submissive and don't fight back.

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Now my nuts were just sitting there with nothing in the way. But before he stopped he swatted my already bruised ass with it. I was exhausted, sweating, bruised, in pain and just wanted a warm bath and go to bed. Justin grabbed my hair pulling me on my hands and knees dragging the coffee cup with my nut over to a table. " He said that I would blow him alot but right now he wanted my cherry.

Aiden looked at me while I was pleading with me not to hit my balls again. When he stopped I was crying like a baby and my balls were swollen. They were both grinning the whole time they were torturing me. He pulled me up and laid my stomach and chest over the side of the table. " He pulled his cock out and I said "Yes Sir you have an awesome cock. Aiden walked around and stood between my legs and pushed the cup again.

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Jeff basically told them to keep me naked outdoors. Besides we already seen your pathetic body so it's no big deal. Aiden reached under me and pulled my boner and balls back towards my ass resting on his thigh. It was wedged between his thigh and my ass so I couldn't get it out of the way. Wait till he gets this up his ass." He was grabbing his crotch.

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Then Jeff mentioned that I was to pale so they should keep my shirt off so I could get a tan unless they wanted me to have an overall tan. He ordered me to stop crying, he flicked my nut with his finger. I don't know what he meant but he started on my ass again. Aiden told me to put my hands behing my back and spread my cheeks. Somehow it was embarrassing to me to have to expose my asshole to him and I started to get another boner. I wasn't expecting that and I yelled at the intrusion. He said "Yeah that's why you have a boner." He stated to finger fuck me and I begged him to stop. He told Justin "Big brother here is super tight, we're going to have fun with his ass." They both laughed but the strange part was that I kept my cheeks apart while Aiden was finger fucking me.

They laughed at that and the boys thought that was a good idea. We got up and mom kissed all her boys on the cheek and told us to have a good night. It was like she was saying "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do to help you." I smiled back and told her I loved her and that I was OK. He was tanned, and a developed chest with nice pecs and he was smooth. Aiden told me that I didn't stip when he ordered me to at the house and he sat down and told me to get over his knees. I'm not a little kid." Justin put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me over to Aiden and push me down on his knees. I told him I listen to him and do whatever he said but he kept going. I could feel my ass burning, I'm sure it was bright red by now. A straight guy wouldn't have and would have jumped up and beat the crap out of him. After the inital shock it actually felt pretty good and I started to moan as he put his fingers in even deeper.

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