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There is a great article on copyright theft ably written by Rhia Charles, for example.

- we thought it might be a good idea to have a forum.

We said to each other, instead of writing the same advice to different would-be escorts all the time, how about we set up a website sharing the collective advice and views of not just ourselves, but of various other escorts, too?

If you care to look through the main site itself you can see varying contributions from other ladies throughout the years.

Hundreds of ticket holders, press, volunteers, photographers and security guys were swarming all over like bees.

The occasion was the 6 pm showing of MASKED AND ANONYMOUS, a combination mumbo-jumbo speechfest and Bob Dylan music show from director Larry Charles (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM) and producer Nigel Sinclair.

At the time I was the moderator of a punting forum and administrator of said ladies forum on Puntingzone.

At the beginning of the month, when you receive your paycheck, the money is immediately sent to where it needs to go through Just because you start earning six figures doesn’t mean you have to start living a crazy, lavish lifestyle.So get yourself a coffee and make yourself comfortable as you explore our different pages.SAAFE was started in a ladies forum in October 2003 by myself (Brandy) and Sarah-Jane.The crowd was actually this big because of the expected live presence of Dylan, along with costars Jeff Bridges (a no-show), Penelope Cruz, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, Mickey Rourke, John Goodman, Val Kilmer and Christian Slater.Most of the crowd probably hadn't listened to anything he'd recorded since the mid '70s, if not earlier, but the mystique of the poet-troubadour lives on.

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