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It’s in our blood to seek it out even if it kills us, and that’s not a bad thing. We’re all going to meet it someday, it’s better to meet it with a smile having the time of our lives than creeping slowly to this meeting having never tasted the glorious adventure that this world has to offer.

He’d get his writing done so when he was drinking and partying or hunting and killing, he could enjoy where he was fully without having something else nagging him, lingering at the back of his mind.

I learned this during the first week of my travels.

Even though I’m here for 3 months I had this sense of urgency that I couldn’t shake. I needed some fun, laughs, and times had aided by the whiskey that I’m so fond of. Only a few times, but still, I left my work to when I had the energy to work.

Then, if it’s sunny, I venture into town, sit at a caffe, and write and work some more, like I’m doing right now. Needless to say that isn’t difficult to do in Rome.

Alas, the lesson was learned by reading about Hemingway before I had to re-learn that lesson for myself.

You shouldn’t come home a new man, just a better one. So far, there are not any drastic rumors regarding his personal and professional life. It seems he has more focus on his profession rather than stuck in any trouble.Moving towards his body measurements, Bo has a towering height of 6 ft 5 inches. Besides this, he has gorgeous green eyes and blonde hair.However, Bo left the University for a year to concentrate his career in comedy.Bo began his career by uploading two video songs on You Tube.

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