Updating driving licence

Check the rules with the national driving licence authority in the country you're moving to.

If you have an EU driving licence that was issued in exchange for a non‑EU licence, and you wish to move to another EU country with your converted licence, you should be aware that your new licence may not be recognised there. You need to check with the local authorities in your new country what the conditions are for recognising non-EU licences. Angeles is a Chilean who moved to Spain a few years ago.

Keep this on you whenever you're driving until your new driver licence arrives in the mail - within two to three weeks.

The licence renewal fee for your new licence will depend on the class(es) you are renewing.

Applications can be made directly on uk without a checking service fee.

Replace Driving Licence: Replacing a driving licence can be tricky at times.

However, if she ever moves from Spain to another EU country, she will have to check that the authorities there recognise her Spanish licence.

Since 2013, all driving licences issued in the EU have a standard format – a plastic, credit card-sized photocard, with better security features.If not, she may have to have her Chilean licence formally recognised or exchanged in the new country.This is a non-official optional checking service with charges from £59.99, additional and separate to any DVLA fee, which ranges from free to £90.We'll send you a renewal reminder letter about six weeks before your photo driver licence is due to expire (provided we have your current address on our system).Download the application form to renew your driver licence You'll then receive a temporary licence which is valid for 21 days.

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