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And it's no wonder that our culture has become so pro-skinny: In addition to the airbrushed idealized images of women we see, well, everywhere, there are now special speed dating events for the diminutive crowd. But what goes into the execution of these events makes them even worse.Speed dating site On Speed is offering what it calls "Skinny Minny" events, which only allow women who are size eight or below to participate. According to The Huffington Post, women who go to the events have to wear their dress size on their nametags.Other popular On Speed Dating themes: "Size Matter's" for tall singles, "Hot for Teacher," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "Skinny Minny," "Have Passport, Will Travel," "Rescue Me" (date single Firemen & EMT), "Cougars/Boy Toys" "Men With Accents Are Hot," "Femme for Femme," "Childproof" for singles that don't want kids ever and more.This week, we reported on a study that found that bias against bigger people—fattism—is a growing issue, ingrained in children as young as four.I also consider myself blessed to have ladies in my life whose hearts are ten times the size of their waistline.

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He spent three minutes (nervously) talking with each of them and then chose a lucky woman to take out on the town.The most disturbing part is that there must have been women who signed up to attend this event; to get dressed up and go meet these men who, first and foremost, are fixated on their body type, prioritizing it over their brain.Just like most of us, I am not always supremely happy with my body, but I am healthy and happen to fall within the required (and, once again, ridiculous) parameters of this date night.We’ll be checking labels at the door,” they proclaimed. For a minute I was really worried about the integrity of this event being upheld.“Biggie size chick.” I honestly didn’t know that grown adults who function at the minimum level necessary for social interaction such as dating used such immature, closed-minded, hateful speech.

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