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(For an automated contradiction matrix, go to the TRIZ 40 site.) See Ellen Domb‘s article from Nov.

This page contains their Second paper, you can access to their First one by clicking "Updating TRIZ".

As highlighted in the literature, in generating new ideas to develop novel and innovative products, it is important that product designers satisfy the needs of both current customers and new customers.

However, despite the large number of existing studies that identify novel features in the ideation phase, product designers do not have a systematic framework that utilises additional information relating to products from either far-field or related domains to generate such new ideas in the ideation phase.

Although the classical Contradiction Matrix remains a conceptually very important element of the TRIZ toolkit, its age often means that users have difficulty using it successfully across a wide range of modern-day problem settings.

The paper discusses a systematic programme of patent and science based research that has culminated in the production of a range of new Matrices.

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