Fox dating shai

They recently spent a few days together in Burbank and Venice Beach, just talking. Nevertheless, several US media outlets are pointing out, accepting this as a viable argument would mean ignoring that La Beouf and Fox are currently promoting their second film together, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” so they’re bound by contract to speak nicely of working on it and with each other.

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"There's no reason to worry." (The former costars last played a couple onscreen in 2009's with a brown paper bag over his head, which read: "I am not famous anymore." PHOTOS: Megan's body through the years The actor's most recent public meltdown occurred at New York City's Studio 54 theater on June 26.

He was arrested and escorted out after causing a disturbance during a performance of Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming's Broadway show .

Following the incident, La Beouf's rep told Us Weekly that the star was seeking treatment for alcoholism.

Star’s (also anonymous) source seems to be telling the same story: the two co-stars are in love and don’t know how to go about making their relationship public, granted this is what they want in the first place.

“Brian can be such a stick-in-the-mud; he takes life so seriously and can be difficult to be around. As their filming days on the sequel decreased, she made excuses to see Shia. In recent weeks, both Shia and Megan have been gushing about each other during interviews, and the two tabs also use this as an argument for their “secretly dating” respective stories.

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