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George Edward Kessler was born in Bad Frankenhausen, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Germany, on July 16, 1862, to Ernst Edward1 (in some sources Kessler's father's name is listed as George Carl) and Adolphe Clotilde Zetzsche Kessler.

Bad Frankenhausen was a small village in Thuringia, the southwestern corner of what until 1991 was the German Democratic Republic.2In the wedding records Ernst Edward was identified as a kaufmann2, or salesman, though according to family legend, he was the eldest son of a landed family who was expected to become manager of the family estates3.

The Biedermier style, as it was known, was characterized by its "home-seeking, quiet-seeking quality, its preoccupation with private things, and with stability.The Kesslers first found a home in Hoboken, New Jersey, at the time, a predominantly German settlement of 12,9765.That the Kessler's settled in the small town across the Hudson River from New York City is not surprising.Changes in mass communication, transportation, and information exchange such as the railroad, the cheap newspaper, and the steamship further contributed to the cultural pressures felt by German society.The small family farmer faced with the growth of the rural populations, pressure on land, and the emergence of large-scale commercial agriculture found little chance for the success of the small subsistence farm.

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