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The recovery time for an orchiectomy is usually anywhere from a week to two months. The most common complications for an orchiectomy include bruising on or around the scrotum, spotting of blood, swelling and scrotal and abdominal pain.

The most common reason for an orchiectomy is as a treatment for testicular cancer.They will need to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the rest of their lives. Either estrogen or testosterone will prevent osteoporosis and rapid aging. After the cord and testicle have been removed, the surgeon washes the area with saline solution and closes the various layers of tissues and skin with various types of sutures.The wound is then covered with sterile gauze and bandaged. Preecha (Thailand) Full Guide Most surgeons will require at least one if not two letters recommending you for either an orchiectomy or sex reassignment surgery.

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