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PC tendencies are exactly opposite in outcome: what we then have is obfuscation, not communication.I'd say "rep-whore" is not only correct, it is also elegant (in content, if not in form). The most corrupt and decadent city on the planet, where anything can be had or done for the right price.Home to the International Police Force, a group of Western cops hopelessly trying to keep the lid on and keep the peace.Miscogenation caused Israel to be cursed ( Judges 3:6-7, Num 25:1-8). Israelites recognized as a seperate people in all ages because of God’s choice and command ( Matt 10:6, John ).Equal rights in the gospel gives no right to break this eternal law 20.

You must not be married to or date people of other races, nor have mixed race dependants, this includes adopted children. You must agree to conform to the rules of this order, and be willing to swear you will NOT conspire to commit any crime while an associate. You must not join us with mercenary intent, or under secret evasion of any sort. Under NO circumstances will we accept for associate ship: homosexuals, atheists, or those who have been found mentally insane. Joshua forbad the same thing on sentance of death ( Josh -13) 14.America's trade watchdog has warned more than 90 celebrities that they need to disclose when they are paid to promote a product – or risk facing an investigation.Among the red-faced celebs: David and Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, actresses Shay Mitchell and Vanessa Hudgens, and most of the Kardashian clan – Kourtney, her mostly drunk husband Scott, and Pepsi embarrassment Kendall Jenner.Without the hyphen it won't be that obvious that you aren't just plainly insulting, though.GUEST-EDIT: Forgive the intrusion, but I imagine they would prefer to be called a rep- How about "Rep-Skimmer".

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