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Below, I'm going to detail out some of the tips to handle a big age difference in a relationship so that you can truly learn that a relationship with a major age difference isn't a big deal.So ladies, let's see how to handle big age differences in a relationship! It all depends on your personality and the personality of your partner.He's divorced with 2 kids, whom I'm also crazy about.It' s been very difficult at times, with social pressures and pe...Since we know that younger divorcées are far more likely than older ones to be able to remarry, the stats on the likelihood of the two groups to be happily married after 5 years (last bullet point above) are especially compelling.So what was the secret of those who held it together to ultimately become more happy than had they divorced?Dealing with a big age difference in a relationship is never easy.

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Many spouses said that their marriages got happier, not because they and their partner resolved problems but because they stubbornly outlasted them.

They also specifically tell us that marriage counseling wasn’t the solution: Spouses who turned their marriages around seldom reported that counseling played a key role.

When husbands behaved badly, value-neutral counseling was not reported by any spouse to be helpful.

Given the unfair nature of divorce laws and family court and the incentives the system offers to encourage women to divorce, this at first glance would seem like a reasonable assumption.

Divorce should presumably drain off the most unhappy marriages, leaving the average married couple happier.

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