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In the past, domains must end with a dot ("."), ilike "DNS servers in nowadays have been able to automatically complete the dot so that users do not need to type it in the address bar anymore.Thus, domains like "XXX.中国" can be visited directly through the browser without installing extra plugins.However, due to the predominant use of English, characaters from other languages still have difficulties when being used in domains as they are not easy to input and promote in other countries.

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This is only useful if you use private addresses in your network.

The RFC 1034 and RFC 1035 made some correction to it, abandoning the RFC 882 and RFC 883.

After that, no changes has been made to DNS specifications.

After that, ICANN adopted a resolution, making characters from other languages (mainly non-latin languages) in the domain name possible.

DNS now uses IDNA system based on Punycode, which maps Unicode to legal DNS character set.

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