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“I really believe everybody has their own story and their own path of brilliance ahead of them,” Ell explains, hinting at the her own winding journey.

“It’s a song of not settling for things, careers, or even emotions that you’re having, just because they happen to you all the time.

Plus, she and country radio personality Bobby Bones went public about falling for each other, leading to an outpouring of support and inspiring her to open up like never before on her critically-acclaimed 2017 EP, Worth the Wait.

“The album has helped me dig even deeper into that identity,” she explains.

The Project reveals every aspect of her abundant talent – from her fiery guitar prowess to her crisp, inviting vocals ... It’s funky, bluesy, and full of pop-country sweetness, but also delicate and – at times – brutally honest, as Ell’s heart is placed front and center on each track.

“It’s so scary for things to work out,” she says with a nervous laugh.

“It made me realize that I love music when it’s great, and simple,” she says.

“When it’s great, it can stay simple – it doesn’t need to be that complicated.” Well aware of Ell’s reputation as one of country’s most electrifying entertainers, Bush also sought to keep things simple.

“When I pick up a guitar, that’s what makes my heart smile.

But I’ve also gotten to a point in my life – professionally and personally – where I’m just more open, and I’m not afraid to talk about it in songwriting.” The Project’s first single, “Waiting on You,” is the perfect combination of those traits, basking in slippery guitar grooves and real-life romantic optimism.

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