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We are all curious as to how all these babies turned out, here are some present photos of kids of famous celebrities who are all grown up now.

Although Tom and Nicole love Connor to pieces, he’s an adopted son.

Among the slaves, however, families were frequently broken up, and marriages were often not allowed.

There was also an established pattern of informal unions between Spanish-colonial settlers and African slave women.

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, though, as Connor is an active Scientologist, just like his dad.

John is one of those people who you don’t need to see the last name of to know whose kid he is.

These patterns of marriage in Dominican society can be traced back to the Spanish-colonial and slave periods.

Among the Spanish settlers that came to Hispaniola, there was a strong ethic of family solidarity, and the father was the dominant figure in the family structure.

Within this extended-family structure, the oldest man holds authority, makes public decisions on all family matters, and is responsible for the welfare of the rest of the family.

One reason is the high cost of church and civil-marriage ceremonies in the Dominican Republic.

Another is that, as throughout the Caribbean, early pregnancies result from consensual relationships.

The practice of consensual unions, more prevalent among the Dominican lower classes, creates a much more loosely structured domestic unit.

Given that the father often does not live in the household, parental authority and responsibility fall to the mother.

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