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If only they could quit it with the weird half-biting-half-kissing thing. Their dinner conversation is especially interesting as Sharleen takes the uncharted path of telling the truth! Here is what is important: after making out in a hot tub, on a soccer field, on a bench, in a Korean tea house, in a commercial kitchen… the group date including mostly women he has not kissed… After spending a whole evening not kissing women, he takes sweet Lauren, who I’m not sure he’s spoken to since she rode up the driveway on a bicycle piano, away for some alone time. Juan Pablo turns her down cold, saying that for the sake of his daughter, he doesn’t want to be seen kissing a bunch of women. Lauren also gets sent home, and I truly feel she is better for it.

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The talented a cappella group collaborated with several of the school’s student performers and crew to create an impressive, Broadway-worthy performance that proves they are more than just your average collegiate a cappella group. Unfair as it may be to have that much talent in one family, Evynne Hollens is Peter Hollens’ musically gifted wife who also does Broadway covers.

Lauren comes to the only logical conclusion that she can: JPNR will kiss Clare or Sharleen or Andi… This is a truly painful scene to watch, but I’m still holding out hope that this new rule JPNR has enacted is good-intentioned and here to stay. I hope Lauren finds that dude that can’t wait to meet her.

Looks like Juan Pablo will give us even more reason to sigh deeply next week!

In this mashup of beloved movie musical songs, Hollens joins fellow You Tuber Alex G. There’s a smorgasbord of talent in this side-by-side collaboration.

Paul Nolan reprises his role as Tony from the Stratford Festival’s production of “West Side Story” to sing the Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim classic.

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