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However, as a result of additional research and acquisitions, the article has expanded to include many other equally interesting non-Luger A&F holster variations, A&F catalogs, the evolution of A&F Luger pistols, accessory advertising, and patent history information.

The article layout is presented as information and items were located and identified.

The famous sporting goods house of Abercrombie and Fitch in New York reports that most holsters for the pistols they sold (including Lugers) were made to a customers individual requirements, so a great variety of A&F holsters were put out.

Abercrombie and Fitch dealt with two firms who produced their holsters: Heiser of Denver, Colorado (out of business) and K.

However, apparently the retailer and/or the consigner had a change of heart regarding the pistol and holster staying together, thus separating the two, which was more than likely a monetary decision, taking higher importance or precedence over the collectible status of union.

The A&F Luger holster, identified as variation 1, started out as the primary subject of this article.

Approximately 20,000 old model 4 inch barrel, Cal 7.65 m/m Lugers, including approximately 12,000 old model American Eagle Lugers were made before the very limited production run of the 4 inch barrel, late old model Cal 9m/m FAT barrel Lugers in the 22,000 serial number range.

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However, the claim that the 4 inch pistols came later is incorrect.

This is interesting, since the story was told to the retailer by the consigner, a Ph. He also mentioned that the rig had been passed on for many years from doctor to doctor as some sort of reward or token of gratitude for services rendered.

According to a personal conversation with the last owner, the rig can traced back through three owners to the end of WW2 or the early 1950s.

Leather products, Inc., of New York (still in business as of the printing of the mini-manual).

additionally states that: A&F Lugers are a very rare collectors item. Featured is a very rare Abercrombie & Fitch, a.k.a.

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