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The agency did issue a report on Wednesday calling on companies to adopt best practices to address consumer privacy and security risks.

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It's a project, and there are so many better ways to make money if you're a cybercriminal." he said.As always, the solution to protecting your webcam from being viewed by unwelcome eyes is password protection of your devices — in this case your router."People never change their router's wireless password — it's a rarity," said Trend Micro chief cybersecurity officer Tom Kellermann."Basic geographic information is available for almost all devices on Shodan, including webcams," wrote Matherly."Note that the granularity of the physical location is extremely rough: it can tell you in which city/country it is located but it isn't possible to pinpoint the exact physical location." However, each webcam screenshot is paired with a map, and in rural areas where there are fewer houses, it doesn't seem like it would be hard to find an actual location.

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