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It’s one of those routines where the jokes are so crafted, they keep revealing new things upon repeat listenings. K., Ali walks the line between being observantly funny and being an actual asshole.

It’s a stunt, and it’s real, and it informs all her riskier bits, including her unpopular views on feminism and her own previous miscarriage.

He was as hated by some comedians as he was beloved, never afraid to pick apart someone’s act to their face. “I thought he’d be the next Chris Rock,” Gulman said. If you were to rate him amongst his peers, he was as good as any of them.” O’Neal may have gotten his start in Boston and later discovered surprising adoration in England, but he found his voice in New York, the city of his birth.

Though Oakerson has switched phones several times since 2011, he’s saved the last conversation with O’Neal.He was in talks with FX for his own show—“They wanted him to be the black Louis C.K.,” Decarlo said—and in the fall of 2011, he gave himself a much-deserved two-week break before heading back to Los Angeles to finalize things with the network.I kind of ignored him a couple days, and he kind of felt that.Patrice would say, ‘Sup, Jay,’ and I’d do my own thing.

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