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Ah, found this: Generally, the antivirus software installed contact the servers and downloads the required files automatically. Can you however confirm that the fact I cannot download an update, is because the server is not available, and not because I have an error on my system? Configuration Where applicable: Activate the Expert mode (version 2013 or older) Click PC Protection ? Proxy settings Click the option No proxy server if you do not use a proxy Click OK to apply the configuration How ever I have not changed that setting myself, so I am still vigilant since I don't know why before five days it did function, and now it did not. By the way, Avira was set on: use system proxy settings. But where can I see my system proxy settings, and what could have changed them? So the cause was definitely something in my system proxy settings, what ever that is.At times, due to the servers being saturated or problems cropping up with downloading the files Maybe this is something that just happens sometimes, and I will update later when the servers are less busy? I have found the solution when I searched with the error number: Update Lib delivers error 537. I have a bad feeling about this, since I am not sure what happened on my system.It gives security towards the files being hidden is operating into the task manager our data are contaminated by the herpes virus that is simple is Avira that removes that are harmful are anti-virus codes through the running files through the disinfection.Avira computer programs that are anti-virus perhaps not impacted at protecting Filmfare.

Avira Antivirus 2016 is to utilize the capability of detecting and mitigating zero-day attacks.

I dislike computers, sorry, but I do, every time some is wrong, and I sparely use them.

[UPDLIB] [ERROR] Download manager: Connection failed while downloading the file [UPD] [INFO] Select update server '

[UPD] [INFO] Downloading of ' to 'C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\idx\master.idx'.

[UPDLIB] [ERROR] Download manager: Connection failed while downloading the file [UPDLIB] [ERROR] No other server, update aborted [UPD] [ERROR] Generation of update structure failed. Summary: ******** 0 Files downloaded 0 Files installed zondag 9 november 2014 The update failed! Also in the old reports from five days ago, where I could successfully download and update Avira, the system proxy settings were used.

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