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and gave all of my info, sent a reactivation fee and have been told over and over that there are no reservations available.I have called over and over and I either get cut off or told to pick another date or destination.Additionally, in response to the comments posted to this complaint, Kars 4 Kids is a car donation program that uses the proceeds to help children.

We minimize our expenses and maximize on our proceeds to help as many children as possible. I am just starting the process of donating a car, but don't mind doing the research to avoid a scam, or any organiztion seemingly doing "damage control", as it looks somewhat for K4K.

Many people log onto an organization’s website before they make charitable donations.

If they want to know who runs the organization and what it does.

I also plan to start at the IRS website, as suggested in another place I looked. The same garbage is available at every tourist trap area in the country. I donated my car to Kars for Kids and have only good things to say about the experience.

I will go out of my way to let others know of this scam. I donated my car which was in great shape and the KBB was valued at 2600.00 and they sent me a max right off of 0.00. Jeez--if the voucher is the reason you're donating your car, then why donate it at all; sell it instead (or see what you can get from the junkyard yourself). Their site details who the money benefits, so if you don't bother to even check the site, then don't act all outraged and surprised to find out that they benefit Jewish children--and so what? I got an immediate and courteous e-mail response after filling out the online donation form, with detailed information about the process.

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