Ooo international dating club

ANNIE It is sooo refreshing to hear you say that, because isn't that what everyone thinks but is afraid to say? I mean, I like to be with a lot of different people. LILLIAN We'll go to Joni's and pig out and I'll bring some shitty magazines, and I'm gonna spend the night.

STEVE Your ex-boyfriend got more mail, I did what you said and just threw it away.

She sneaks back into the bed, carefully positioning herself and moving the sheets to show her good parts.

She walks into the bedroom, where TED, a gorgeous man sleeps.

STEVE, Annie's mid-thirties roommate, sits on the couch shirtless and is enthralled by the show.

She throws her keys down and sifts through her mail. STEVE (CONT'D) There you are, you stayer-out-all- nighter.

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