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Next we see the obvious, Ringo's 1963 Jazz Festival with a well used batter head.And finally, you can easily see the Ludwig / Manny's music store stamps on the tom and floor tom.Most of us are aware of the Walberg & Auge model 1304 bass drum anchor plainly seen in front of Ringo's kit on the Beatles' Ed Sullivan performance.Interestingly enough, not many are aware that a stage anchor was screwed into the riser directly along side the Walberg & Auge.This is a top view of Ringo's "Sullivan kit" bass drum.

FIRST LUDWIG OYSTER BLACK PEARL KIT:5.5"x 14" Jazz Festival snare drum (Pre-serial Keystone badge / Red ink stamp date: APR 18 1963)8"x12" Tom14"x14" Floor Tom14"x20" Bass Drum (clear interior)FIRST LUDWIG KIT HARDWARE: Speed King bass drum pedal (Model 201)Flat base cymbal stand (Model 1400) [1] An Olympic cymbal stand was also used Flat base snare drum stand (Model 1363)Flat base hi-hat stand (Model 1121)Bass drum anchor (Walberg & Auge Model 1304)Note: Photo evidence indicates that only one Ludwig model 1400 cymbal stand may have been purchased with the first Ludwig kit. The Beatles were making their first appearance as headliners on Thank Your Lucky Stars.Ringo last used his Premier kit during the rehearsal and he Ludwig kit for the performance.In the first of our two-part feature, previous contributors to Rhythm's vintage gear pages share their experiences and know-how…As regards buying vintage, or simply old/interesting gear, where would you look, especially for first-time bargains?Online Mike Ellis: "Online auction and sale sites [e Bay, Gumtree, Craigslist, uk etc] are a good place to start.

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