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Now, however, I keep: the lamp, water, a pacifier, my breast pump (keeping it real), a fan for white noise, a book (usually a “how to raise a baby” book), my phone, and a burp rag. I decided to get rid of my bedside lamp, which takes up a lot of tabletop real estate and switch it out for a wall-mounted plug-in sconce.I could turn it into a more spring appropriate top by making it a short-sleeve sweater. I ended up chopping off the sleeves and using them to create tiny infant shorts and a matching infant bow! I love matching my little lady, and matching her for the price of an old, thrifted top is even better! I paired it with a Baby Gap top that I purchased secondhand from Goodwill and some tiny baby shoes from Old Navy (found on clearance for .50). This type of fabric flower is really simple so I just included this image to show the basic steps. I don’t donate items that are stained or have holes so I instead process those items by removing any buttons, sequins, etc for future crafting and keeping the fabric for crafting (if it’s nice) or kitchen rags.Never one to waste material, I thought I would experiment a bit and attempt some baby clothing from the sleeves. Whenever I am sorting through old clothing, I always create 3 piles: Keep. I’m so glad I do that now because I found 3 buttons in my sewing box that were processed off of an old skirt that I loved.I added one button onto the center of my flower and the other two to the infant shorts. turning a long sleeve top into a short sleeve top is simple.After cutting off the sleeves, I zig-zagged the edges and flipped them up to form a cuff.

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