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With this insight, IT can lower its mean-time-to-repair by detecting and resolving performance problems they impact customers.Uber customers have visibility into what cars are available, the color, make, license number and rate.You should also copy the file in your settings directory (type /open Dir to open it, or /dir if that doesn't work) before it is overwritten, in case it could be helpful to find the bug.Sometimes the Twitch API will return a stream as offline, even though it isn't.A native app is one that is developed to be ‘native’ to a specific platform: Apple’s i OS, Google’s Android, Windows Phone or (decreasingly) Black Berry OS.The principal advantage of a native app is that it optimizes the user experience; the app will operate more quickly because it’s been designed specifically for that platform. If you wish to build and launch your app on more than one platform (e.g.

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But regardless of the reason, you still have to start at the beginning.;) But if you find any bugs or have any other feedback, feel free to tell me.You can message me on Twitch, write me an e-mail or use Twitter.Just as you need updates on the status of the car that’s taking you to your destination, IT needs better visibility into Java applications.IT must understand which workloads are using Java, where JVMs are located, and whether they are causing a problem with other workloads.

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