Android location manager not updating

The marker is static and you can change it to be placed over any place by defining the coordinates in the Maps Activity.

You can run and test this app now, just add the following permissions in the Manifest : Now finally we can start some actual coding!

that you copied from the dialog box in the previous step in the highlighted part shown in the screenshot below.

At this point we already have a functional app that puts the Marker over some place in Australia.

To remove that error, implement all the required methods.

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You should check your Java executable location and change the line accordingly. After installing these tools, update the Android SDK by installing the API and build tools packages required for development.You can install these packages either through Android Studio or using the command line tools package you installed earlier.You need the Location Listener to be notified whenever your location changes.The implementation will show some error for now, it's because we haven't implemented the required methods yet.

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