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No, this vice is a threat because in any other circumstance, it’s considered a virtue. A nice buzz was reached, their bodies loose and ready to dance.

He had gone out the night before with two distant friends.

As I drove home, numb from the alcohol, my actions, and the escape of love from my body, I began to cry. And his pain is something that I’m sincerely sorry for but it took me a spiral of destruction to finally see the light.

By this point I would return to my normal self and celebrate my proactive attitude – my perfect scores on tests, the goal of losing 10 pounds, saving up to buy a 0 wallet, not cry.

In every village there was a woman who was a specialist in baking flatbread.

Knowledge of food craft taught on from mother to daughter for generations.

Me neither until one day , I got the chance to taste one of those delicious Swedish treasures from the Mörsjö Deli a Swedish company settled down in the little town Östersund in the Jämtland region in central Sweden.

Really, check out her account.) We grabbed coffee one day (at the adorable Cafe Lomi near where she was staying), then ventured out the following day to the launch of Freeman’s Journal featuring book critic extraordinaire John Freeman, and super famous, fabulous authors Edwidge Danticat and Marie Darrieussecq. I would be neglecting another big news item if I didn’t mention that the US prez* paid a visit to Paris for Bastille Day festivities. ) Macron wined and dined 45 and I’m sure he was impressed. I also missed most of today’s morning celebrations because 1) I sleep late and 2) military parades are not usually my thing.

It was the weekend, and typical of our behavior we had fought and broken up.

But this time it was different, I wanted to do something that would make him never want me back. And I was to an extent, however, the seed – the anger – the frustration inside me had also taken control.

In the north of Sweden because of the climate, only the barley could be produced.

That’s why the traditional flatbread chip is based on this cereal with low level of gluten and ferments.

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