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The one-year-olds were born as craniopagus twins, which is the most rare form of conjoined twins where they are attached at the top of the skull.Surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia separated the twins when they were 11 months old, making it one of the earliest separations of craniopagus twins ever.An estimated two to six percent of conjoined twins are attached at the top of the head, making it the rarest form.Overall, conjoined twins are more likely to be female.Pictured left is mother Heather with Erin (left) and Abby (right) this month.Pictured right is father Riley with Erin (left) and Abby (right) in September This has impacted Abby's recovery in the last four months since the surgery.

Few craniopagus twins survive the birth because of how they are attached.Children's Hospital of Philadelphia had previously performed 24 separation surgeries, and it formed a team of about 30 people for the lengthy procedure.During the surgery, the surgeons almost lost Abby because she started severely bleeding after she was separated from her sister.Parents Heather and Riley Delaney remained hopeful that the surgery would be successful.Heather said on her website that holding her girls for the first time was one of the best experiences.

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