Ogunleye dating

After my studies, I travelled to America and when I returned home, my next opportunity to get a job was at the Department of Dramatic Arts, Oriolokun, University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University.

I never held a grudge against my father because of his viewpoint about my career and if I had listened to my father, I would not have become the Jimi Solanke that I am today.The variable heating rate method was used to determine the glow peak shape and intensity by estimating the activation energy or trap depth, increasing with the heating rate.These glow peaks were noted to be a complex trapping system, consisting of several overlapping first order peaks and each with different TL behaviour, except for certain samples, which showed independence of peak temperature with dose.I did not even live my life as if my grandfather was a Lisa and my father was a chief.I would confess that right now, I am enjoying my heritage because the centre that I am setting up currently is from that buoyancy of my grandfather being a Lisa.

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