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Michelle, of course, does the whole “You’re not my mother!

Happily, though, she cools off and finds Cam at the diner for a much-needed Sex Talk Take II, admitting that she’s not actually having sex, and that she’s scared to do it…but also scared she’ll lose Perry if she doesn’t.…A visit in which he was lulled into passivity by Levi’s rendition of Clair de Lune, much like Orpheus and his lyre.

Not only did Levi fall to his death from Karen’s balcony, he had fractures on his hand from the keyboard lid of a piano, indicating that someone sabotaged him before his audition.

Except, um, that turns out to not be true at all, and Levi wasn’t even at the apartment before the audition – he had left all his stuff, but his money was gone.

Levi actually broke his hand, presumably to remove all temptation from music so he could go back home and be with Sarah.

Doescher stopped and picked her up, offering to let her rest in his motorhome, where she’d been staying off and on for a month.

CB Exclusive (updated) - Colenso BBDO Auckland is behind an international online web film campaign for Levi's latest Curve ID Skinny Jeans which has attracted over 5 million viewers on You Tube in only six days.

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