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The theory was first put forward in the 1950s by Homer Dubs, a professor of Chinese history at Oxford University.

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Argento's claims were published last month in a New Yorker exposé which came within hours of a separate, equally shocking piece, by The New York Times which included allegations against Weinstein by Hollywood darlings Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.I wear this medal with pride.’Earlier on Saturday, when Baldwin announced he would refrain from tweeting in response to the backlash over his comments about Mc Gowan and Weinstein, Argento tweeted: ‘So Alec Baldwin is taking a hiatus from Twitter to meditate about his words on Rose Mc Gowan and gender equality.We won’t miss you bully boy.’The ‘bully boy’ reference was from comments Baldwin made on Thursday when he acknowledged bullying and mistreating women.Most historians believe that the two empires had only indirect contact, as silk and spices were traded along the Silk Road through merchants in exchange for Roman goods such as glassware.But some experts believe they could instead be descended from the armies of Huns that marauded through central Asia, which included soldiers of Caucasian origin.

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