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Karpov wrote in his autobiography that, "Chess is my life, but not all of my life is chess." His other work has included being a UNICEF ambassador and serving as chair of the International Association of Peace Foundations.

But he remains best known for his accomplishments and abilities in the game that has defined his life.

During the 1950s special watches for the blind were designed and remained in production until the 1960s.

Opsiometers (map measures), various watches and clocks and relays for washing machines were produced.

The State Certificate Board awarded our Curve tracers and relays the top-quality, “Q”, mark and the “Gosstandart”.

After defeating Viktor Korchnoi, another Russian grandmaster, Karpov was set to play in the world championship of chess in 1975.

However, Bobby Fischer chose not to defend his title, so Karpov automatically took his place as the world's leading chess player.

However, Karpov was defeated by the organization's sitting president, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Throughout his life, Karpov has extolled the benefits of chess.

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