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So whats the sue of living i an city when you can never own a decent house or even see a Leafs game unless you wanna pay almost double the price from a scalper.

I think of all the cities mentioned Montreal is by far the coolest and best place to game, shows, good food that does not just involve lobster.

Halifax has a distinct local culture that can be experienced through its wide variety of restaurants, galleries, performance venues and shops. The oceanside city has many nautical excursions and walks to enjoy as well as easy access to miles of trails and camping locations.

The relatively moderate winters with not much snow allow for easy access year-long.

very eclectic, good food and an interesting mix of people.

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Okay, as a person born in Nova Scotia, I'd say stick to the bars of Halifax, forget the rest, its gone downhill very much since I was a child 40 years ago.More than the bars, oh wait their is the casino and the fortress, and....... CB is a hole yes, Halifax is a hole next to Toronto or Montreal, and both of those are rat filled out houses next to Paris or New York :)The bigger the city doesnt mean its better.The quality of living in Halifax is better than Toronto or Montreal as I used to live in those cities.As well stop by the Peice Hall- on Saturday's they have Englands largest open air farmer's market.Be sure to stop by the Halifax Building Society, they needed a new building but rather then tearing down the old one, they encased it in glass and the old walls are now inside the new building.

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