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The Fourth-Year-Free was a huge blessing for my family. My older brother, Zach and I were both at PCC during the same time, and we were fortunate to have our parents help us out with the college bills. Film's casting was done by Jessica Kelly and Suzzane Smith (credited as Suzanne Smith Crowley).Several scenes were filmed in the historic Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania The film received mostly mixed to positive reviews.

Sue asks Jeff, who is a software programmer, to mention poetry as his profession.Jeff initially declines, however, Sam convinces him.On the day of first interview, Jeff and Sam asks Clark (Peter Serafinowicz), Jeff's college mate, to baby-sit Beatrice and leave her with him.The film centers around the effort they have to put in to get their five-year-old daughter Beatrice (Amelia Talbot) into an elite private kindergarten.This is director Josh Shelov's debut feature-film, co-written with Michael Jaeger.

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